APRIL 2019

For Dr. Schär we have created the new visual identity of Comidamed, a distinguishing and immediately recognizable icon. It draws on the formal design of the logo that recalls contemporary and simple concepts and evokes the “Medical” world. The colours become brighter and “cleaner”, the overall image exudes a sense of clarity, transparency and quality and stands out for its distinctive features.


The Latteria Nöm "acqua & farina" line is renewed with a sophisticated and unconventional look with the aim of enhancing the quality aspect for a "premium" positioning.


Mila's new "Malga Dolomiti" yoghurts are born with the aim of creating an original visual identity characterized by simplicity and the desire to convey few but essential information that emphasizes the territorial origin.

APRIL 2018

We have signed the new range of Ristora soluble Teas, a leader company in the sector of instant drinks. The tea spray is the absolute protagonist of the new packaging that makes you anticipate, in a dynamic and engrossing manner, freshness and the inimitable taste of the new drink.

APRIL 2018

Novelty at BICOM: the new line of preparations for milk shakes is born.

Our  goal was to create graphics featuring a clean and impacting look, addressed to a young target, increasingly aware of the novelties and  attentive to the current market trends.


We realized a series of maxi advertising boards for Sterilgarda Alimenti, leading brand in the production of UHT milk.

The purpose was to develope an advertising message that would guarantee wide visibility and immediate comunication.

JULY 2017

The new line of "Sterilgarda smoothies" is born. They are superior quality products with 100% of good fruit. Packaging design wants to emphasize the concepts of naturalness and freshness in line with the most current nutritional trends.

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